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Pre-Construction Planning Can Save You Money!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

With thorough pre-construction planning for your new home, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headache. The process starts as you select your lot. Here in the mountains of North Carolina, you need to approach the selection process by asking two main sets of questions.

First, you need to ask a variety of environmental science questions such as:

- Does the lot have any natural springs, seepages, or drainage issues?

- What type of soils and rocks are located in the potential building area?

- How much clearing will need to be in order to build on the lot?

Second, you need to decide where on the lot you want to place your house and think about practical things like:

- Will the house actually fit on the lot and comply with neighborhood and county

setback requirements?

- How steep and long will the driveway be?

- How many retaining walls will be needed and how big will they need to be?

- How high off the ground will each of the corners of the house be?

Answering these and other questions are essential if you want to ensure that the lot you purchase is both a good buy for your budget and a good match for the house that you want to build. In the mountains of North Carolina, it’s not unusual for a more expensive lot to actually save you money because the lot requires significantly less site work such as grading and clearing.

By working with Ussery Construction for pre-construction planning, you’ll have access to a project manager with more than 10 years of experience as a geologist specializing in soils and hydrogeology and more than 20 years of experience building houses in the mountains of North Carolina. This expertise can help you determine a lot is a good match for the house you plan to build as well as help you explore options for siting the house on the lot so that you minimize cost and maximize natural features like mountain or lake views. Pre-Construction Planning is just one of the many ways that Ussery Construction helps to ensure that you end up with a lot that is the perfect match for your new home.

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